Building an amazing brand? Then you need help protecting it as you grow. Someone who can strip away the legalese and make this trademark stuff easy.

That’s where we come in. We’re an award-winning law firm that has filed over 800 trademarks. We’ve got your back. 

First OFF, Congrats

Becoming an expert in your space? Nice work! You’re kind of a big deal. That means you’re ready to put stronger protections in place around your brand.

It’s trademark time. 
You need three things to get legit:


Brand Ownership

Lock in your rights and legally “call dibs” on your brand so no one else can steal it or confuse your fan base

Peace of Mind

Get clarity & confidence knowing you’re not accidentally infringing on someone else’s trademark rights


Fancy Paperwork

This combination of certificates and legal documents will help protect and leverage your brand in the future


Without trademarks, you have ZERO rights to your brand. 

We’re talking business names, logos, slogans . . . even podcast titles. Lots of entrepreneurs don’t protect their trademarks until it’s too late. So we made a short, free video to help you avoid the biggest, most dangerous mistakes that business owners make.

Wanna see it?

Indie Law

We put the RAD in trademarks

The Indie Law team uses our signature RAD method to take excellent care of our clients and make the whole process effortless for you. It’s our goal to make protecting your brand as easy and painless as possible.



Done for You



First we review your trademark and compare it to others in case there are any red flags or issues


Then we carefully prepare your application so you have the best odds for a successful application

Done for You

We submit your application and do all of the heavy lifting throughout the process so you can relax

Law Firm


We hear ya. The trademark process can seem super long and complicated. Don’t worry — we’ve broken down the whole process into plain English for you.


How long does this take?

That, my friend, is an excellent question! It surprises many business owners to learn that the trademark process will take about 9 months minimum.

To give you a better idea of why this takes so long, here’s a quick summary.

Week 1 - Analyze

First, we do a lot of research to see if there may be issues or risks with your application.

Not-so-fun fact: over 50% of trademark applications get refused. That’s why working with an experienced trademark attorney is so important.

Week 2 - Apply

Within 2 weeks of signing up with Indie Law, we’ll have your application completed and submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, aka the USPTO.

Month 8-9 - Processed

Because half a million of trademarks are filed each year, it generally takes up to 6 months for the USPTO to start reviewing your application. From there, your application needs to go through different stages of review before it will be successful. We’ll keep you posted throughout this process.

After 12 Months - Registered

On average, it takes 9-12 months for a trademark to become registered. Depending on various issues, it could take longer or get rejected entirely.

When we receive news of your registration (wahoo!), our team celebrates with you! You can expect some sweet gifts from us!



We know our stuff. We’re great at what we do. And gosh darn it, people like us.

Joey and his team at Indie Law are the best! Having someone to consult for legal things has made such a difference.

Bianca Sansosti

Founder, Bianca Sansosti Artistry

Incredibly communicative, easy to work with, and a smart approach. Can’t recommend Indie Law more highly!

Bryan Kramer

Executive Strategist & Business Coach, H2H®

I’ve always been incredibly impressed with Joey’s professionalism. His team is fantastic! You’re in the rights hands with Indie Law!

Rianna Hill

CEO & Founder, Pancake Digital Solutions®

Great trademark lawyers that hold your hand throughout the process. They make it super easy. 10/10 would recommend!

Nathan E. Harris

Managing Attorney, Abogados Centro Legal

This kind of legal support is something every small business needs! I’m so grateful for Indie Law and their whole team.

Ashley Jankowski

Founder, The Type Set Co.®

Grateful to have chosen Joey’s incredible team at Indie Law for my trademark registration. They did such a phenomenal job.

Brenden Kumarasamy

Speaking Coach, MasterTalk

WHy Indie Law?

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Why not handle trademarks yourself?

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Not sure if NOW is the time to trademark?

Meet Ashley. Ashley runs a thriving, multiple-six figure company, and she waited to take care of trademarks because that's what her trusted advisors and coaches recommended. But after getting blindsided by a cease and desist letter and being forced to rebrand, she came to Indie Law for help. Here's what Ashley has to say about her biggest lessons learned.

Why Indie Law over other law firms & legal options?

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That’s how many US trademarks were applied for JUST LAST YEAR

Everyone and their 👵 grandma 👵 is starting a business these days. Do you really want to risk someone trademarking a similar name before you get around to it?

Ready to legally *OWN* Your Brand?

Awesome. Then it’s time to get trademarked.
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Joey Vitale

Hi! I’m Joey.

I’m the smiley dude (and founding attorney) at Indie Law.

My team and I (including my dog, Mr. Feeny) love helping thriving entrepreneurs like you get clarity and peace of mind on the legal side you can continue to level up your business.

Still got questions?

What should I protect first?

We generally recommend that you protect your brand elements in this order.


Your business name is likely your most valuable trademark. It’s smart to get that protected first!


Do you have a popular product line? An online program? A podcast? Those are protectable as trademarks as well.


You will eventually want to protect these. You want to be proactive about these trademarks so that another business doesn’t claim these in the future and force you to rebrand.


Most trademark applications protect the “words only” of the trademark. But if your branding has a particular stylizing or look to it, that can be protected as well.


Are you considering a rebrand, a name for a new business, or a slogan you want to start using? It’s possible to apply for a trademark before you even start using it. In fact, this is what our biggest clients do so that they can lock in trademark protections before they spend time or money committing to the brand.

What does a federal registration give me that I don’t already have?

Only with a U.S. registered trademark do you have strong evidence of nationwide exclusive rights to your trademark. And without that, you’re taking a huge risk that someone else can claim a registration and force you to rebrand.

How long will this take?

When you sign up, we will get right to work for you and have your application submitted in 1-2 weeks. After we apply, however, it could take 12-14 months or longer to work its way through the US trademark office.

When can I start using the TM or ® symbols?

You can start using the little TM symbol now — even without filing for anything. (Tip: Use a little SM symbol if you sell a service instead of a product). You can only use the ® once you have a registered trademark.

What if I decide not to apply after seeing the search results?

If you review our report and decide not to apply, we’ll issue a full refund minus the cost of our search ($1075).

What if my application gets rejected?

If your first application is rejected AND we’re not successful in getting your trademark registered, your next one is 100% on us (including filing fees).

What happens after my application is accepted?

First we celebrate. Then we’ll mail you the registration certificate, send you helpful legal documents, and advise  on next steps.

Are filing fees included?

No. Applying for a trademark registration requires a filing fee per class (or category of goods/services). Our packages do not include filing fees for your trademark application. Filing fees for any classes will be collected from you before we submit the application.

What are the advantages of an “intent to use” application?

It’s critical to apply for your trademarks ASAP to be “first in line” with the trademark office. If you’re not yet using the trademark in commerce, we can apply for an “intent to use” application. Note that intent to use applications require an additional $100 filing fee per class — but that small extra fee is usually worth it.

What if I’m outside the United States?

A U.S. trademark registration offers strong, nationwide exclusive protections. But those exclusive rights do not extend beyond the United States. Still, if your business is based outside the United States, we can still help! As long as you are selling to customers in the United States, you are able to seek a U.S. trademark registration.

Can I enforce my trademark rights while my application is pending?

While it depends on the situation, we generally recommend that our clients wait until their trademark becomes registered before they start enforcing their rights against others.

Otherwise, there is a risk that the other brand may be “tipped off” to challenge your application or file their own competing trademark application.


Look, we know the legal side is scary. But if you made it this far, then you also know it’s super important. Why don’t we schedule a 30-minute strategy session (it’s free!!) and see if we’d be a good fit for each other?