Hey! This page walks you through the key steps of your Trademark package with us.

Step 1. We collect your info.

The very first thing we do is collect the information we need from you. We will set up a call with you to get the information we need and provide a roadmap for your trademark experience. 

Step 2. We send you a comprehensive search results letter.

Within 1 week of the date you signed up, we will conduct a comprehensive search of your trademark. We will put our findings into a letter that will send to you in our secure client portal.

Our comprehensive search results letter will do the following:

  • It will let you know if there are any existing trademark registrations or applications that we think could cause your application to be rejected.
  • It will provide an analysis of the strength of your trademark.
  • It will confirm the filing fees associated with your application if you wish to proceed.

(Note that application fees are typically $275 per class, or category of goods or services.)


After sending you this letter, we need your express consent before we move forward with the application. The more quickly you respond to this letter, the more quickly we can get to work on your application.

Step 3. We charge the filing fee and prepare your application.

Within 1 week of sending you the search results letter (assuming timeliness on your part), we will send to you a version of the trademark application that shows your personal information and trademark details. We do this to double-check that the information we include in the application is accurate.

It is your responsibility to review the application (it is typically a 1-2 page PDF) and respond confirming that there are no errors.

Step 4. We submit the application and wait.

Within 1-2 business days after you approve the application (assuming timeliness on your part), we will submit the application on your behalf. Congrats!! At this point, we wait. The application process generally takes up to 6 months or a year.

Here’s a general timeline of what happens to your application now that it’s been sent:

  • Once we submit the application, it generally takes 3 months for it to get assigned to a reviewing attorney at the trademark office.
  • Once it gets assigned to a reviewing attorney, it generally takes about a month for that reviewing attorney to either approve for publication or issue an “office action” stating that something about the application needs fixing.
  • If the application receives a non-final office action, we will respond to it if it is “non-substantive.” If it requires a substantive response, then we will advise you how to proceed. If our response results in approval, it generally takes 3 months for the application to reach the “publication period.”
  • If the application receives a “final” office action rejecting the application, then we will advise you how to proceed.
  • If the application gets initial approval for publication, it generally takes 3 months for the application to reach the “publication period.”
  • When the application reaches the “publication period,” that means it must go through a 30-day window where others can cost-effectively contest your rights to the trademark. Basically, we cross our fingers that we don’t get any complaints raised here. If we do, we’ll advise you accordingly.
  • Once the application gets through that publication period, you essentially have a registered trademark. It takes a couple of months for the trademark office to issue the registration certificate. We will receive that certificate in the mail, forward it to you, and advise you of next steps!

Step 5. We keep you posted on status updates.

If we hear anything from the trademark office, we will promptly let you know.

Step 6. Upon registration, we send you the certificate and supplemental documents.

Yay!!! Once we get news that the trademark has become registered, we will notify you promptly. We will also prepare a customizable cease and desist letter and license agreement for you. We’ll mail you a copy of the registration certificate as well as a list of next steps in terms of how to maintain and enforce the trademark registration.