Hey! This page walks you through the key steps of your LLC package with us.

Step 1. We collect your info and filing fees.

The very first thing we do is collect the information we need from you to form the LLC. To do that, we’ll have you complete a form to send us the necessary information. You should have filled it out already, but we’re providing the link again just in case.

We will also collect filing fees from you. Different states have different filing fees for forming an LLC. As we note in that form, you give us permission to pull the filing fee amount from the checking account you listed on your authorization form.

Step 2. We file the LLC on your behalf.

Within 2 weeks of the date you signed the contract, we should have the LLC paperwork filed. Most states refer to this document as the “Articles of Organization.” It is the document that makes you “legit” with the state. Again, we will use the filing fee we have collected from you in order for the state to process and accept this document.

Step 3. We notify you that the LLC is legit.

Once we get confirmation that the state has accepted your formation paperwork, we will let you know. Processing times vary from state to state—some states process electronic applications instantly and will send a confirmation instantly, while others need to be mailed in and take up to a month or more to be processed.

Step 4. If necessary, we apply for an EIN.

If your business does not already have an EIN (Employer Identification Number), we will get one for you at this time. An EIN is like a social security number for your business, and it’s used by the IRS. We will complete this within 2 weeks of confirming that the LLC has been formed in your state.

If your business ALREADY HAS an EIN, we’ll skip this step and move on.

This is important. We’re not finished yet, but you can now start taking action. Specifically, you should do the following:

  • Notify your bank as soon as possible and let them know that your business is now an LLC (note that some banks will require an EIN—so have it ready).
  • Change your contracts to reflect that your business is an LLC by adding “LLC” at the end of the business name and by changing signature blocks to show that you are signing as the owner on behalf of the business. Note that you do NOT need to change your logo to include the LLC.

Step 5. We draft an operating agreement and have you sign it.

The last step! Within 2 weeks of confirming forming the LLC, we will ALSO send an operating agreement for you to sign. We make this super easy by sending you a copy that you sign and date electronically.

This document DOES NOT need to be filed anywhere, but it should be stored somewhere safe.

Note that if your LLC has multiple owners, we will send a draft before signing as you may want to customize certain parts of it.