Your Contract package with Indie Law

Hey! This page walks you through the key steps of your Contract package with us.

Step 1. We collect your info.

The very first thing we do is collect the information we need from you. To do that, we’ll have you use this form to send us the necessary information. You should have filled it out already, but we’re providing the link again just in case.

Step 2. We send you a substantive first draft.

Within 2 weeks of the date you signed the contract, we will send you a first draft of your new, custom contract. We’ll send that over via Slack in the form of a Google Doc. Note that it will likely contain highlighted portions that you can change or customize and/or comments that we have for you to resolve outstanding issues.

Step 3. You add comments and suggested edits to your liking.

You can go ahead and make changes and comments to the document as you like. PLEASE make any edits in “Suggesting Mode” so that we can better track them. (If you’re unsure how to enter Suggesting Mode, click here.)

Step 4. We tweak and perfect.

Within 2 weeks of sending you the first draft (assuming timeliness on your part), we expect to have a completed version for you. You can expect us to address any edits or comments that you have added within 2 business days.

Step 5. We help you put it in final form.

Once we’ve completed the contractual language, we will provide whatever kind of assistance we can to help you turn this into a usable document. For example, if you are interested in using an electronic contract sending service (such as Dubsado or HelloSign), we can advise you how to convert the Google Doc into a contract form on that software.