Why Would I Want a Trademark Attorney’s Help?

Nowadays everything can be found on Google, in there, you can find an answer to every question you ask, but, just because you can find an easy solution on the first page doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right one.

And the truth is that if there is something that entrepreneurs need in order to grow their business are accurate answers and solutions, and more when we talk about such a delicate issue as the security of your brand. 

That is why today we are going to tell you our top 3 reasons why you should find a Trademark lawyer, and not trust everything that google says 

Number 1

You don’t own your trademark without your trademark registration! 

It’s the truth, no amount of social media presence, or Go Daddy domains is going to prevent you from getting a cease and desist letter if someone has already registered your trademark name with the USPTO. 

So our recommendation is that you secure your trademark in the legal area as well! 

Number 2

50% of initial applications fail

This is because applying for trademark registration goes beyond just paying a fee to the USPTO and waiting for their response, to ensure that the registration is successful, you have to create a strategy that involves the right combination of good specimens, good use of categories, use of the right forms, among others, which you can see in detail in our article here:


Number 3

You will receive a high ROI

It’s well known that an important part of growing in the business world is connecting with people who can provide knowledge, advice, and other support! And the agenda of trademark lawyers is full of such connections. 


Having the opportunity to legitimize the trademarks of hundreds of businesses, we are left with an incredible amount of clients and good friends who are willing to help and connect with up-and-coming people in the industry.