Walmart VS Kanye

You might remember that Kany West, AKA Yeezy, recently got a letter from Walmart saying that they are not 100% in agreement with the logo he is thinking of using for his company: Yeezy LLC.

This is because the logo that Kanye is creating has a similar structure and look to the iconic yellow logo that Walmart has had for over a decade.
This article will dig deeper into Kanye’s interesting application and Walmart’s response to it.

The first thing we noticed at Indie Law when we read Kanye’s application is that it is being applied to a large number of classes, from clothing and retail services (similar to what Walmart offers) to hotel services, music streaming services, and  a large list of other unrelated goods and services.
And that’s not all! A closer review of Yeezy’s application shows that  it’s a “Section(b)” filing otherwise known as an “intent of use” application. To know more about what that is, read our article on the subject here:

Walmart had several things to say to Kanye In its 86-page Notice of Opposition, which included the statement,

“We have several questions regarding the intended use of this logo, as we fear it may be confusingly similar to customers.”

And they have a valid point, just look at the logos in comparison:

And what is the update on this situation?

Well, neither party is giving in. Yeezy is not backing down and maintains that the logo is different enough that customers won’t confuse them.

So what’s going to happen?

This kind of dispute can take a long time to reach a resolution. The trademark office may decide one way or another, or the parties can come to an agreement.
What we do know is that they have until 2023 to request an oral hearing.
We invite you to watch the video we made on this topic so you can better understand the context as you monitor the situation and we all see how this interesting case unfolds: https://fb.watch/db5aTaZnST/