Need to Keep
your Trademark Protected?

You can get back to building your empire, flying dragons, or whatever it is your business does. Let us help you monitor the trademark database so you don’t have to. You do your thing, and we’ll defend you from what lies beyond Wall — er, I mean, the online trademark database. 

If you’ve spent any time in the trademark database, you know it can be a REAL pain. The search functionality isn’t very comprehensive or user friendly. It’s hard to interpret the results. And until you secure your own trademarks, you just have to keep checking and checking. It’s exhausting. Our new search and monitoring package can help. Maybe you’re not quite ready to invest in applying for a trademark application. Maybe you want to keep an eye on that clever business name or podcast title you haven’t launched yet. Maybe you just want to keep tabs on a certain word or phrase to make sure no one tries to trademark it. Whatever the reason, this package is for you. Get back to all those other balls you’re trying to keep in the air. We’ll take care of the trademark watch side of things for you.


  • Indie Law will actively monitor the US trademark office database for potential conflicts
  • We watch for potentially conflicting trademarks across multiple classes of goods and services similar to your specific trademark
  • We look out for deceptively similar trademarks and applicants who have a history of challenging and opposing other marks
  • We’ll send you a quarterly report indicating any concerning application in order to keep you informed while respecting your inbox
  • If you see someone copying your brand or infringing on your trademark, we’ll advise you on next steps and can send cease and desist letters on your behalf
  • What if you move, form an LLC, or change the name of your business? We’ll update your info with the trademark office at no additional cost
  • Our package also includes trademark maintenance and renewal filings every 5-10 years (filing fees not included)