US Trademark Watch Lawyer

Whether you’re ready to protect your trademarks or not, there’s still work you should be doing to proactive protect your brand and your business. If you think your business doesn’t need full registration protections, or if you’re waiting to invest in these protections for later, you should still be monitoring the trademark database at the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

While this database is available for free, it is difficult to run proper searches yourself to be sure that there are not similar brands seeking trademark protection. As a business owner with a brand (i.e., trademarks), you should consistently check this database until you file an application.

Contact an Experienced Trademark Watch Lawyer

Monitoring the trademark database and running these frequent searches can be a real hassle for a business, especially a growing one. Indie Law can take all this work off your plate. After running an initial search, we will continue to monitor the database for similar words or phrases. Our firm will then send you a report every quarter letting you know if there any applications have been filed that you should be concerned with. This service is a great option for newer or smaller businesses who want help protecting their trademarks. It is also a great fit for larger brands wanting to keep an eye on words or phrases that could be in a future rebrand, product launch, or new offering. To find out more about our trademark watch services, call us at (312) 766-6889 or use our live chat feature on the bottom right corner of your screen.