A Lawyer to Protect Your Programs and Slogans

Does your business offer a flagship program or product line with a distinctive name that’s well known to your fans and customers? Do you have a slogan, mission statement, motto, or catchphrase that you regularly use and rely on for brand recognition?

These aspects of your business can be protected by U.S. trademark laws. For many business owners, these are incredibly valuable. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you own exclusive rights to these types of trademarks so that you can continue to use them and can deter anyone who tries to steal your brand or draw your audience to them.

Contact an Experienced Trademark Lawyer to Maintain Your Rights to Use Your Programs and Slogans

At Indie Law, we can help you run an audit of your business to identify your trademarks and prioritize the ones that are in most need of protection. We can then help you apply for US trademark registrations to protect your most valuable brand assets. Our firm can even provide a monitoring service on your behalf and let you know when a similar trademark has been applied for and how to respond accordingly. To find out more about protecting your programs and slogans as trademarks, and how Indie Law can help, please contact us toll-free at (312) 766-6889.