Get help with your trademark needs to keep your brand protected.

Protecting your trademarks or trying to navigate the crazy world of U.S. intellectual property laws can be difficult . . . and make your head spin. It’s crucial to build your business on a strong legal foundation, and we’re here to help. Learn how Indie Law helps business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world with trademark searches, registrations, and other critical services to keep your brand protected and run your business with confidence. Don’t lose your rights to the great brand you’re building.

US trademark registrations

If you want to legally own your brand, you need trademarks. If you want to protect your ownership throughout the United States, you need a registration. The registration process is complicated, which is why the trademark office itself recommends that you hire an attorney to help. Don’t go it alone. Click here to find out how you can greatly increase your chances of success while protecting your brand throughout the United States through a well-crafted federal trademark application.

Trademark searches

You’ve put so much time and effort into your business. You’ve decided on a  business name, slogan, or motto that distinguishes your idea and vision from the rest. Maybe you’ve secured domain names, social media accounts, and a registered business for that name. But have you conducted a clearance search of the trademark database yet? A proper search will confirm that you are not infringing on another’s trademark and have a strong chance of securing your own trademark protections. Two pieces of advice: (1) don’t wait any longer, and (2) don’t go it alone.  Learn how our firm can help you with this process.

Business name protection

The first trademark you’ll want to focus on is likely the name of your business itself. Contrary to popular belief, forming an LLC or corporation does not give you strong ownership rights to your name. A federal trademark registration is crucial if you want exclusive rights to your company name nationwide. Trademarks can protect not only the business name itself but also your company logo. Find out how trademarks can help you legally call “dibs” on your business name.

Programs / Slogans

For some business models, the titles of your programs or certain slogans might actually be more valuable than the business name itself. For example, let’s say you own a personal brand and have built a flagship product with a particularly catchy name. Or you run a small accounting or law firm practice and there’s a certain slogan or mission statement that you include on everything from advertisements to business cards. Trademarks can help you secure these significant aspects to your brand as well.

Trademark Watch Packages

Whether you have secured a trademark registration or you’re just starting in business, it’s never too early to keep a strong lookout of the trademark database. Monitoring the trademark office database is critical so that you stay on the right side of the law and make sure you are not infringing on someone else’s trademarks. You can also review the database to make sure that no one is seeking trademark protections for key words or phrases that you use often in business. Indie Law can help take all this work off your plate.