Trademark Crash Course

Three videos to help you understand trademarks and protect your business.

Watch each video to understand how to truly own your brand.

Video 1: What are trademarks?

Video 2: Why register?

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Video 3: How we can help

Without strong trademark protections,
you could lose your brand.

What really is a trademark, and how do you really get one?

What’s the big deal with trademark registrations, and how does a registration help your business?

What steps should you take to protect your brand?

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The Trademark Crash Course is taught by Joey Vitale, Founder and lead attorney at Indie Law. He is one of the most well-known trademark attorneys among creative business owners. Joey hosts several weekly live shows, including the Indie Show and the LegalHour.Live. He also manages a private community of over 7,000 members. Joey has consulted with hundreds of companies to help them stay protected and thriving — and he’s excited to help you, too!