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Scroll around here, click on things that are applicable to you. Take your time. There’s a lot to unpack.

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Join our Facebook group. It’s not official until it’s on Facebook, so head over there to make our friendship legit. We’ve got a growing group of serious, committed, and kind small business owners. Don’t worry—this isn’t another group that will be a time suck or place for procrastination. We stay focused on legal tips, business lessons learned, and positive vibes. It’s all about keeping your momentum and continuing to execute. You can join here.

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Then, get educated on the foundational laws for creatives.

Forming your businessGet out of the sole proprietor mindset (and form an LLC)What goes into forming an LLC? More than you might thinkThe ultimate guide to finding an available business nameThe creative entrepreneur’s legal guide to starting a businessDoes “LLC” need to be included in your company’s logo?.

TrademarksTrademarks 1015 steps to follow when you’re accused of trademark infringementWhat to do when someone violates your trademarkThe difference between bullies and bodyguards.

CopyrightsPretty much everything you need to know about copyrightsThink cease and desist letters need to be intimidating? Think again.

BusinessYour business needs to break up with Etsy. Also check this out –> Our NOT-to-do list from 2017.


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