In this FIRST episode of the new Indie Express series, we chatted with Streaming Lawyer Mitch Jackson.

Yes, Indie Law’s got a new video series! It’s called the Indie Express.

Now, you may be familiar with the “Indie Show,” our weekly live talk show for and with creative business owners.

This series is different. Our Indie Express interviews — which we keep to under 15 minutes — are rapid-fire, to-the-point, value-packed interviews with top experts in their fields.

For our first episode of the Indie Express, we are delighted to introduce you to attorney Mitch Jackson.

When it comes to lawyers and social media, Mitch Jackson is the master! In addition to being an exceptional personal injury attorney, Mitch is a sought-after speaker. As a globally-recognized mentor to other attorneys and professionals, Mitch is on a mission to help others leverage the power of social media by showing off their human side.

Watch our interview with Mitch — hit the play button and enjoy!

In this episode, Mitch gives his top tips on how to grab and keep the attention of others.

Mitch provides his top tips on capturing the attention of your audience, making your point, and closing the next deal.

Knowing how to capture attention is critical for today’s business owners, especially when customers’ attention spans are shorter than they’ve ever been.

Mitch walks us through his favorite 10 ways to start a presentation, or conversation, off strong.

Then, he covers the 5 points you need to cover in order to get someone’s attention and persuade him or her to take action.

  1. State the problem clearly.
  2. Agitate the problem.
  3. Offer a clear, concise, and meaningful solution.
  4. Show how that solution solves the problem.
  5. Empower your audience with a call to action (and be creative with it!).

Mitch offers powerful insights into each of these points and why they matter so much.

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You can find more Indie Express episodes at www.indielaw.tv. The Indie Express is a series of short, value-packed interviews for creative business owners hosted by Indie Law’s Joey Vitale.