In this episode of the Indie Show series, we chatted with creative director Melissa Harris

Melissa Harris started embroidering to make outfits for her new baby. Before she knew it, she was selling her wares. Her husband encouraged her to purchase the software to CREATE embroidery designs. It turned out that she was pretty good at it! It was a blast having Melissa on the Indie Show!

 We chatted about

  • How Melissa started Designs by Little Bee
  • Why she decided to do it alone and self-marketing
  • How a life-changing event and urgency caused her to go full time
  • What social mediums she uses: Facebook & Instagram 
  • Where her focus is in social media
  • What her lessons learned have been in FB Advertising
  • How she IS her target market, so she knows how to advertise
  • Separating personal life vs. business life
  • How her business is full of an industry, not a niche
  • Why you should get off of Etsy

Great quotes from Melissa

“I am a shameless self-promoter.”

“If you build it, they will come.”

“I see Etsy as an arrow pointing to my Facebook and my website.”

Watch our interview with Melissa below — hit the play button and enjoy

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