In this episode of the Indie Show series, we chatted with Melissa Harris (Again!)

Melissa owns embroidery digitizing studio. From Melissa:

“I own www.designsbylittlebee.com, an embroidery digitising studio (think – digital versions of the old cross-stitch style embroideries that your grandma used to make). Last year I hired my best friend as my assistant and brought on a technical support gal. We hit a pretty big target last year and we’re only growing bigger!”

Watch our interview with Melissa below — hit the play button and enjoy!

Discussed in this episode:

  • 01:37 Melissa’s trip to Paris – “Extra vacations 2” Facebook group
  • 4:34 Putting money aside – “Profit first” book
  • 10:33 Hiring a best friend as a business partner
  • 15:08 Brining in people in to business
  • 22:02 Take care of yourself first
  • 24:43 Melissa’s blog post – “Defusion vs Distraction”
  • 29:00 Legally protecting your intellectual property
  • 34:00 Social media and engagements
  • 40:12 Lessons learned – boundaries
  • 47:00 Wrapping up

Check out Melissa’s website:

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