In this episode of the Indie Show series, we chatted with Loren Michaels Harris of Loren Michaels Harris, LLC

Loren Michaels Harris is a survivor of the foster care system and an adoptee. He draws upon his upbringing to motivate and inspire others in overcoming their obstacles to success and achieving the life they want.

We discussed in this episode

  • 03:45 What the “How is in the Feeling” means
  • 05:35 Why you should live authentically
  • 08:03 How LinkedIn can connect people
  • 17:48 How to present your product/service to different audiences
  • 19:38 Why sometimes you need to “grow your glow”
  • 25:54 How speaking is not always about being a speaker
  • 27:33 Why to make the “ladder” mindset your own
  • 27:15 Why you should have multiple elevator pitches
  • 38:33 How no one is making what you are making
  • 41:41 What some of Loren’s tips are for Facebook Live videos
  • 47:24 How to be human in your business – 20% about you + 80% about them
  • 53:51 Why you should get together with like-minded people


“Let things come to you.”
“The truth is the only answer that stays the same.”
“When like minded people come together we are afforded a brief glimpse into each others greatness”
“It’s all about the process, not the goal”
“Failure is a pathway to victory.”

Watch our interview with Loren below — hit the play button and enjoy!

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