In this episode of the Indie Show series, we chatted with KT Speetzen.

KT Speetzen is the bad ass mother clucking owner of Mother Cluckers Comedy, LLC. She brings you comedic storytelling training for your business by day, and produces The Mother Cluckers comedy show by night. She’s kind of like batman that way. KT also is the co-host and producer of The Bossy Cluckers, a monthly deep dive business podcast. KT loves David Bowie, but is not good at Twitter.

In this episode, we’re going to learn more about how comedic storytelling can be used in business.

Watch our interview with KT Speetzen — hit the play button and enjoy!

Discussed in this episode:

  • 02:01 Learn more about KT and why she started in comedy
  • 04:33 How comedic storytelling can be used in business
  • 06:01 An example client story that KT has helped with
  • 08:49 Learning about comedy and the brain
  • 12:32 We learn why KT says that stories are never finished
  • 15:05 Using storytelling and comedy in marketing
  • 17:17 Business struggles and things she has learned
  • 19:21 Why you need to say no
  • 23:36 KT’s biggest takeaway as a business owner
  • 24:00 Why you should keep developing your stories because they are always evolving


Check out KT Speetzen’s business, Mother Cluckers Comedy and the Bossy Cluckers:

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