In this episode of the Indie Show series, we chatted with vlogger Kent Heckel

Kent Heckel is a Professional vlogger filmmaker whose job is to have fun and capture it. Kent is a social media expert who dropped out of college and now makes vlogs for one of the most innovative people known among creatives, Natalie Franke Hayes. Kent manages to run several enormously popular Instagram accounts (like photo) while balancing his own personal brand at the same time.

We discussed in this episode

  •  0:31 Ken’t bio and how it all begun
  • 11:41 HoneyBook and Natalie Franke
  • 12:33 “Men and women in creative economy” post
  • 15:31 Twitter tips
  • 18:45 Working with Natalie
  • 25:02 Video + Social tips
  • 40:10 What matters most when it comes to quality?
  • 44:45 Startup vs Small Biz Artisans
  • 51:12 Men in the Creative Economy

Watch our interview with Kent below — hit the play button and enjoy!


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