In this episode of the Indie Show series, we chatted with Kellie Daab

With over 300 events under her belt, Kellie has worn the heels and carried the bus tubs! After 12 years of owning her own boutique wedding planning and consulting firm, working high end hospitality, and producing events for a multi-million dollar catering company, Kellie lives and breathes the event and wedding industry. Today, Kellie provides business architecture specially for event and wedding professionals in her business, called the iDo Collective. Kellie’s speaking style has been described as a “smack down delivered with a bouquet of flowers.”

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Discussed in this episode:

  • 01:00 Intro to Kellie and the iDo Collective
  • 07:57 Being Part of a “Collective”
  • 13:41 Preparing for industry trends
  • 30:25 Balancing systems and processes with room for creativity
  • 54:16 Wearing blinders and getting focused

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