In this episode of the Indie Show series, we chatted with John Marcoux

Founder of 105F, John has been teaching hot yoga & meditation (almost) daily since 2001. An attorney, author and public speaker, too, John has spent the last couple of years lecturing to law firms about identifying and escaping cognitive traps that demoralize and sicken the adversarial mind.

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 Discussed in this episode:

  • 01:00 Intro to John’s Hot Yoga
  • 02:35 Beginner’s yoga class
  • 06:38 When the student is ready, the teacher appears
  • 10:15 How yoga helps reduce stress
  • 13:47 John’s inspiration to start a studio
  • 18:24 Amazing first 10 years of business
  • 24:12 Yoga as a power button
  • 31:30 Ideas for business empire
  • 35:36 Generosity Economy
  • 37:00 Best posture for stressed people
  • 38:06 Tips on postures
  • 43:57 Wrapping up

Words of wisdom from the master!

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