In this episode of the Indie Show series, we chatted with motivational speaker Jessica Rasdall

Jessica Rasdall is a Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Public Speaking Strategist. She partners with female business owners to craft stories and presentations that connect with their audience and stand out in a crowded market. Jessica has shared her story of turning her mess into a message for nearly ten years and has been featured on major international media outlets such as ABC’s 20/20, Katie Couric, The Guardian, MTV and much more.

When Jessica was a freshman in college, she made a life-altering decision that resulted in the death of her best friend. In an effort to raise awareness, cope with her guilt and keep her friend s memory alive, she began sharing her story. Jessica spoke to over 15,000 young adults across the country before she was sentenced to prison. By rewriting their story, her clients are transforming what were once considered limitations into some of their greatest business assets.

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