WHat’s “Indie”?

You might hear “Indie Law” and think we work with independent films, singers, and artists. Nope (but that would be pretty dope). Or you might think we’re based in Indianapolis. Wrong again.

 The “Indie” in Indie Law stands for independent.

We work with emerging thought leaders, personal brands, and online entrepreneurs who are brave enough to start their own careers on their own terms. They’re grabbing life by the horns, thinking big, and putting dents all over the universe.

Indie Law helps them protect their biggest asset along the way — their brand. That’s why we focus on trademarks. 

Fearless Leaders

That’s not just how we define our clients. It describes our team as well. Our clients inspire us every day to think different, chase our dreams, and kick our comfort zones to the curb.

Joey Vitale

Joey Vitale

CEO & Founding Attorney

Caitlyn Allen

Caitlyn Allen

Director of Operations

Reyna Fisher

Reyna Fisher

Director of Fulfillment


Are you a visionary thought leader, course creator, or personal brand? Working on a book or podcast? Sounds like you’ve got an awesome, unique message people need to hear!

Well then bud, your brand is your biggest asset. It’s time to call legal dibs on your trademarks so you don’t lose your brand overnight. We can help.