I am so excited to chat!

As you probably know, Indie Law works with creative small business owners. I’ve reached out to you because I know that my clients and followers have a lot to learn from someone with your experience and expertise.

These Indie Express interviews are meant to give my audience (and yours if you’re willing to share!) a set of powerful and actionable takeaways that are easy to digest.

Please use the scheduler below to lock in the date and time you’d like to chat.

Note that you’re booking a 30 minute slot, but our recorded conversation will only be about 15 minutes.

We’ll use the time like this:

  • First 5-10 minutes to go over the loose format and agenda
  • 15 minutes of a rock-solid chat
  • Last 5-10 minutes to talk about next steps

Thanks again for your time and expertise. Thrive on + smile big!

Joey at Indie Law