Heather Vickery joins the Indie Show!

Heather Vickery, of VickeryandCo, is a Success Coach with over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and successful business owner. Heather’s coaching program helps entrepreneurs identify and work through personal and professional limits. She helps her clients build better business strategies and identify boundaries that together help elevate their lives and businesses to new levels of success. She runs a series of workshops and is a public speaker where she trains other entrepreneur’s on getting to the empowering side of fear, creating balance, time management, as well as countless systems, strategies and boundaries. Working with Heather inspires people to say “So what, do it scared” and take real action towards their dreams. Heather also hosts The Brave Files Podcast.


Show Notes:

– How Heather got to where she is
– Being authentic in your life
– The Brave Files Podcast – www.vickeryandco.com/episodes/
– Getting outside of your comfort zone
– “It’s not easy, buut it’s worth it”
– Work/life balance
– Reach out to Heather on instagram – www.instagram.com/vickeryandco

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