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I get it. Running a business is hard work. Running a business as a creative is even harder. You’re mastering your craft, but a lot goes into having a successful business. A lot that you didn’t realize you were signing up for. The legal side of your business is especially intimidating. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer this Facebook group. By getting peace of mind about the legal side of your business, you’ll free up your mindset to optimize your creativity and productivity. Let’s get to work!


Joey Vitale
Indie Law



The Friends of Indie Law Facebook Group

Community Guidelines


1. We stay respectful.

As members of the Friends of Indie Law group, we realize we’re held to higher standards to make the community as great as possible. Respectful disagreements, criticisms, and challenges are welcome. But we show each other respect. There are enough jerks in other corners of the internet. Not here.

Joey and Indie Law are a part of the group and also deserve this same level of respect. We understand Indie Law has to prioritize its legal clients over the members of this group. For these reasons, we agree to the following:

We understand that Joey is a lawyer but not our lawyer. This group is open to people who aren’t clients of Indie Law. This means Joey can’t answer questions involving specific situations. What he can and will do is tell us what the law is and what his general recommendations are.


2. We stay positive.

We believe that a positive mindset is good for our business and our creativity. We know being a creative can be challenging, but we keep things positive. We don’t bring up problems unless we have an idea for a solution. We don’t trash talk other creatives. We don’t insult customers or mock reviews. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


3. We stay focused.

 We realize that, as creatives, distraction can be our greatest enemy. (Squirrel!) We understand that this group is about two things: creative businesses and the law. We stick to those topics.

 And we get that Joey’s a lawyer. It doesn’t mean he’s any smarter than us. But with his whole “law school, bar exams, works with creatives,” background, we defer to him on the legal stuff.


Last Updated: May 13, 2017

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