Express Project

If you’ve found this page, then Indie Law has offered to work with you on something special and time-sensitive. Here’s how this works.

The date that you select through this scheduler is the date we will have a call to discuss the document or set of documents that we’ve prepared/reviewed for you.

This call will be conducted via Zoom. This allows us to share each other’s screens. Prior to the call, Joey will spend time reviewing and/or drafting documents for you. We will be reviewing and the same documents together using screen-share and Google Docs. During this call, we’ll make sure you feel confident moving forward with the document(s) and answer any questions you may have. By the end of the call, you will have a finished document or set of documents that you can start using.


*Attorney-Client Privilege.* Indie Law’s duty is to act in your best interests and to maintain the confidentiality of privileged communications and other privileged information shared with you. Accordingly, Indie Law will not share information about your matters with anyone else without your express permission. Indie Law will not divulge privileged information about the representation. With your prior permission, however, Indie Law may publicly identify you as a client of the firm.

*Scope of Representation.* Indie Law will provide legal services reasonably required to represent You as part of the services you request below and as they have been formerly communicated to Indie Law. Indie Law does not represent you beyond the scope of such services.

*Cooperation.* You agree to cooperate with Indie Law by providing timely, accurate and complete information requested by Indie Law and by reasonably considering Indie Law’s advice and instruction.