I get it, you’re busy.

I talk with creatives every day who are working on their side hustle while maintaining a full-time job. If this is you, then it’s probably hard to find time during the day for a phone call. That’s why our firm offers these email consults. You can write us an email explaining your situation, and we’ll email you back with our answer and recommendations. Our reply email will include a video of Joey responding to your questions.

How this works:

Use the calendar below to choose a day that you would like a response by. What you’re really scheduling here is a deadline. We will respond to your questions before this appointment time.

Follow the prompts in the scheduler below, and use the fields to ask your questions.

Your message must follow these guidelines. We reserve the right to cancel the consult and issue a refund if these guidelines are not followed.

  1. Email consults are limited to 3 questions.
  2. Do not request any contract review or research.
  3. Feel free to provide details specific to your situation. You’re welcome to attach a file to add context.
  4. Your question cannot ask about state-specific law outside of Illinois and Missouri.

We look forward to providing you with some answers and peace of mind!

(If you’d rather talk over the phone, let’s grab a 45 minute consultation call).

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