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  • To allow you to discover the legal issues inside of your business that you might not even be aware of
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  • To help you identify potential legal problems with your business
  • To give you as much peace of mind as possible on the legal side

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Joey Vitale at Indie Law

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More Testimonials

I recently had an opportunity to work with Joey and his team. I was concerned about making certain my website was GDPR compliant. I contacted Joey and he jumped right on it. In no time at all I received a draft Privacy Policy and Terms of Service language.

Joey was kind enough to tolerate and respond to a number of questions I had about the language. I wanted to understand what it was I was putting up on my website figuring that if I understood it, the average website visitor would understand it too. Joey was very patient and determined to answer all my questions and make certain I was comfortable with the language he drafted.

I’m looking forward to continuing my relationship with Indie Law as my business grows and my needs increase.

I highly recommend Indie law and, as a matter of fact, have already suggested my cousin contact Joey as she has recently started a business of her own.

Brad Friedman

I was recently introduced to Indie Law and connected with Joey. Within minutes of meeting him you can tell he’s the real deal and truly loves what he does and has his clients’ best interests at heart.

As a wedding venue consultant, it’s my job to be able to refer my clients to knowledgeable professionals who are exceptional their craft. Legal can be particularly scary for anyone but especially for venue owners who have invested millions into a dream. I have no doubt that my clients would be well taken care of with Joey and I look forward to learning more from Indie Law. Lindsay Perry Lucas

Joey is like the sugar in cornbread. He makes all things legal so much more fun, easy to swallow, and sweet. He cares about the needs of my community and is always at the ready when I have a question of him! So if you’re a creative looking for a lawyer you actually like talking to…. Joey’s the guy! Kellie Daab

Working with Joey and the Indie Law team was such a pleasant experience. The level of depth that they went to in making sure my services contract hit every possible point that could come up was like a breath of fresh air. Caitlyn and Joey were both so personable, I felt like we were sitting at a coffee shop rather than a video call discussing what they could do for me. I will definitely be looking them up again for my business’ future needs. Wendi Sanley

This is the law firm for you, if you are a creative, or really any entrepreneur who needs a “go-to” source for everything legal.
Having been raised in the law profession, worked as a legal secretary as well as judges in Wayne County, Michigan, I have seen ’em all…

Joey Vitale is unique and full of energy.
He brings heart, smarts, and winning results to every business he touches.

If you are in business and you have not secured a spot with an attorney who specializes in the endeavors you want to grow, get with Indie Law.
As a Business Consultant, here’s my best advice…this is a must!!

Lynn Abate-Johnson