David Seibrik Silberberg joins the Indie Show!

David is the Director of Client Experience for PracticePanther Law Practice Management Software which is the easiest case management software for lawyers on the market today. As Director of Client Experience, it’s my job to make sure that all new and existing clients are receiving the best quality care and service we can offer from start to finish.

This can range anywhere from listening to calls to make sure call quality meets our standards, to constantly thinking of ways to make the software easier to use for all of our users. He is also in charge of making sure that our help center has new content coming out weekly to give all users best practices, tips and generally good business ideas using the functionality provided by PracticePanther.

In his down time, he is a huge nerd and actually competes in a video game called “Super Smash Brothers”. He has been competing since high school in fact (13 years) and have been lucky enough to travel the country competing in a game he is very passionate about.

Show notes:

· 1:37 PracticePanther.com
· 2:01 What PracticePanther is
· 3:09 Some examples of automation features from the beginning to today
· 6:57 How the client portal is exciting
· 10:33 How clients have helped PracticePanther develop
· 10:57 PracticePanther Updates
· 12:29 What the PracticePanther team uses to automate
· 14:25 How to follow up with emails
· 16:25 How PracticePanther integrates with MailChimp
· 19:05 How David moved from Psychology to PracticePanther.
· 21:37 David’s biggest piece of advice: Be the client to help your own client experience.

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