Dan Gramann joins the Indie Show!

As a business growth and skill development guru, Dan has a passion for teaching business leaders how to grow their organization. Growing up, Dan wanted to be a teacher and this fulfills Dan’s desire to help others as he consults, coaches, and inspires leaders and entrepreneurs.

Dan is consistent in scaling businesses. After scaling his own franchise, Dan grew with the franchisor as he trained and developed business throughout the nation. His passion was discovered during this time of developing others as their coach. His teams have always looked to him for advice, personally and professionally.

Show Notes:

· 0:33 What Cultivate Advisors is
· 2:49 How Cultivate Advisors is different than business coaching
· 4:45 What it looks like to work with Cultivate Advisors
· 8:37 What the story behind the Cultivate Advisors logo
· 10:25 Common business hang-ups
· 15:25 How to figure out when you are heading out of the hustler phase in business
· 16:41 Cultivate Advisors Toolkit
· 21:57 How advising can feel like therapy
· 26:25 Contact Cultivate Advisors

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