In this episode of the Indie Show series, we chatted with Handmade guru and coach, Dalia Abdalla

Handmade guru and coach, Dalia Abdalla will be discussing SEO and what it means for your business.

They say that you should only trust people who actually have experience in what they’re talking about. Dalia has built her own 6-figure handmade business, so she knows what she’s talking about and doesn’t hold back when it comes to telling it like it is.

Dalia runs a Facebook group with over 6,000 members and has four successful courses that help Etsy sellers. She has helped hundreds (probably thousands) of handmade business owners create extra income and experience significant growth. Dalia has grown her own handmade business to a multiple six-figure company. She knows her stuff!

Watch our interview with Dalia below — hit the play button and enjoy!

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