Back in November of 2016, I decided to take my law firm in a new direction. I decided to make subscription plan services the main focus of the firm.

And the response has been freaking phenomenal.

“Working with Joey has been the best decision for my growing business. I love how he breaks things down into attainable goals and uses every month wisely to make sure my growing brand is covered now and in the future.”

— Jana Bishop | TwigyPosts

“Joey was instrumental in getting the initial legal bases covered successfully and advising me on weaknesses I was not aware of. Joey always acted as a true friend to my company and became a trusted advisor.”

— Heather Smith | Dots of Sugar

What’s the deal with subscription plans?

Never heard of a law firm with a subscription plan? Yeah, it’s not really a thing … yet.

But we’re not doing this just to be different.

This subscription model provides the relationship with an attorney that lots of creatives are wishing for.

Think about it.

Sometimes you want help with just one or two specific things. Flat-fee packages (which we also offer) are great to take care of things like an LLC formation or trademark application. Or if you have a few legal questions, a 30-45 minute consultation call might make sense.

(And if you’re just wanting to learn more about the law, check out our Facebook group Friends of Indie Law.)

But what about when you don’t know what you don’t know? If you’re a “creative” (an artist, an online coach, a wedding industry professional, a branding expert, etc.), then legal issues tend to pop up all over the place. When’s the right time to form that LLC? Should you be worried about trademarks? Are you protecting your copyrights? Do you have all the contracts and legal documents that a business in your industry should have? Someone just accused you of doing something illegal—are they right?

As a business owner, you’re busy. As a successful business owner, you’re crazy busy. These subscription plans are all about giving you peace of mind on the legal side so that you can focus on everything else on your plate.

With these plans, you get a year-long relationship with Indie Law. During these 12 months, we’re in your back pocket to advise you on any quick questions you have. This is a big deal. As an attorney, I can’t give legal advice for free without creating an attorney-client relationship. With these subscriptions, we’ve already built that relationship. So ask away.

We’ll also prepare a number of basic documents for you, and you’ll get an hour-long initial consultation call so we’ll know how to best use those documents.

This works so well because Indie Law works exclusively with creative small businesses. Our plans have been custom made for creatives. They’re not for everyone. But if you’re a creative with a growing business, this gives you the kind of relationship with an attorney that you’ve been looking for.

Who are these plans built for?

Our subscription plans are really meant for creatives who have matured out of the hobby or startup phase of their business. They’ve been focusing on what really matters: driving sales and building a loyal following. Now, they realize it’s time to get those legal ducks in a row and build a basic layer of legal protection around their business.

Our subscription clients understand the power of delegation. When we step in and take care of their legal concerns, that gives them more time to focus on sales and other business concerns.

How are our clients using their subscription plans?

One of the best things about our subscription plans is that allows for so much flexibility. Under our subscription plans, clients get a set number of “basic documents.”

What’s a basic document? It’s our way of saying that the project takes about an hour to complete. It could be an actual document, or it could be a review of a contract that would take about an hour.

This structure allows us to get creative. Need an LLC? That counts as 3 basic documents. Need a registered trademark? That counts as 4 basic documents.

Here’s some examples of how our clients are using our plans to get legally protected.

Under the Basic Plan (4 basic documents for the year), we have clients who are receiving:

  • Privacy policy, terms of use, photo release, and a non-disclosure agreement
  • Independent contractor agreement, copyright application, and review of an existing client contract
  • LLC formation and cease and desist letter
  • Trademark application

Under the Pro Plan (12 basic documents for the year), we have clients who are receiving:

  • 3 trademark applications
  • LLC formation, trademark application, privacy policy, and terms of use
  • Trademark application, copyright applications, independent contractor agreement, and non-disclosure agreement
  • Two trademark applications, cease and desist letter, license agreement, and contract reviews

The combinations are endless. Our subscriptions give our firm the ability to really understand the legal side of your business and what actions need to be prioritized.

Interested in our subscriptions?