In this episode of the Indie Show series, we chatted with Cindy Scott

Cindy is a live event painter and owner of TooRooster Artistry, event & wedding painter. From Cindy:

“I find I’m drawing on almost every experience and every memory as I get to know my current line of work- painting on the sidewalk with water at the cabin, absorbing the use and care of a variety of materials as I’d watch my mom create and craft and my dad build furniture and instruments, having to know the process and demonstrate it when I taught art in there public schools, everything continues to come together. And each lesson is serving me immensely these days.

Watch our interview with Cindy below — hit the play button and enjoy!

Discussed in this episode:

  • 01:58 Intro to Cindy’s live event painter business
  • 07:15 Multiple moments captured in a frame
  • 09:00 Who is a potential client?
  • 12:12 The artist technique
  • 14:48 Transforming idea into business
  • 18:48 Instant marketing
  • 24:40 Customer segment through internet
  • 30:12 Legalities and permissions needed
  • 34:48 Work mobility
  • 36:48 Dreams and business growth
  • 40:56 Advice to a beginner

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Cindy’s FacebookTooRooster Artistry, event & wedding painter
Cindy’s Instagram: tooroosterartistry 

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