In this episode of the Indie Show series, we chatted with Ari & Peter Krzyzek.

Co-founder, creative director and chief designer of Chykalophia, Ari Krzyzek implements powerful branding strategies to provide distinctive designs for maximum impact via web, mobile and/or print. Additionally, she founded and hosts Creative Women’s Co., serving as design consultant, mentor and professional peer in support of fellow female entrepreneurs.

Ingenious, aspiring and innovative online entrepreneurs, meet your expert enabler: Peter Krzyzek is a master programmer and Internet marketer who offers the know-how needed to launch your business venture or take it to the next level. Applying the latest in online marketing, website development, conversion funnels and user experience, he’ll propel your enterprise to towering success.

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Discussed in this episode:

  • 00:25 What they are up to in their businesses
  • 02:49 Learning a bit about Creative Women’s Co. from Ari
  • 10:28 Why you should be building out processes in your business
  • 19:29 How this awesome duo met
  • 27:29 Apps that they love and use in their business
  • 33:48 What they would love to see take-off in their business
  • 37:00 About the Chykalophia Academy
  • 37:48 The story behind the business name
  • 40:17 What services Chykalophia offers
  • 43:12 Who their ideal clients are
  • 51:40 Should pricing be on websites

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