In this episode of the Indie Show series, we chatted with professional speaker Annie Franceschi

Annie Franceschi is a professional speaker and the owner of Greatest Story Creative, a Durham, NC-based branding agency that tells your story in both your business and your life. Annie studied filmmaking at Duke University and began her storytelling career in the film industry, working for major studios including New Line Cinema, Lionsgate, and Disney. Today, Annie works with small business owners to turn your story into the words, graphics, and other creative business assets you need to put your best foot forward and attract clients and customers.

We discussed in this episode

  • How she went from working at her dream job at Disney to running her own business
  • Why naming your business should be a creative process
  • How having a voice and “brand voice” can be two different things
  • Why having a strategy behind your logo is important
  • How branding can really help your business
  • Why you should “skip to action”: start with many clients, then niche down
  • Why have a Trademark for your business should wait
  • How giving referrals can help your visibility
  • How to separate yourself from your business with the “I” vs “we” statements


“Your brand is how your client experiences you.”
“Brand is reputation.”

Watch our interview with Annie below — hit the play button and enjoy!

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