Here’s to the creative ones.

People have all kinds of reasons for starting a business.

Maybe you’ve got a great idea for a new invention. Maybe you don’t feel appreciated in your day job. Maybe you’ve got a business background and have become a serial entrepreneur.

Or maybe—just maybe—you’re so passionate about what you do that you can’t help but create a business around it.

Sound familiar? If so, you’re in the right place.

The reality is—protecting your business only matters if it’s successful.

Indie Law thrives when working with business owners who are embracing their creative side. We get it. Your business wasn’t exactly planned. You’re not really a fan of the “business side” of the business. You’re excited but terrified. As if there wasn’t enough on your plate already, you’ve got all this legal stuff to worry about.

We’ll help you empower your passion.

We work with creative types to put legal shields around the company. We help our clients identify the big “legal holes” in their business.

The truth is that most creative businesses don’t need sophisticated legal help. They just need their bases covered, whether that means forming an LLC, registering a trademark, or providing your business with basic legal documents.

Indie Law protects more than just your business. By providing a foundational level of legal protection for your business, we’ll give you peace of mind on the legal side so you can focus on innovating. Our expertise revolves around helping creative entrepreneurs succeed.

We provide compassionate and dependable legal services through flat-fee packages and subscription plans.

Meet the team.

Joey Vitale

Founder & Managing

Hi, I’m Joey. I’m an attorney for thriving small business owners.

I used to feel like I had no control. I wore a suit-and-tie lawyer costume to the office. As a litigation attorney, I was always in the middle of conflicts. It wasn’t a great fit for me. After graduation, I felt stuck in a career that would limit my creativity. A growing need to defend my own creativity challenged me to change my perspective. I could finally see a path where I embraced my creativity and authenticity with success.

Now, I celebrate my creative side. I’ve taken back control of my life by dedicating it to helping creatives as their legal partner.

The official stuff.

Licensed to practice law in Missouri and Illinois, Joey Vitale counsels creatives across the United States (and globally) on legal issues specific to creatives. After years of litigating on behalf of businesses in the midst of conflicts, Joey now keeps businesses out of the courtroom in the first place. Indie Law specifically focuses on entity formation, trademarks, copyrights, website agreements, and other basic legal documents.

Caitlyn Allen

Case manager &
Client Care Advocate

I’m a northern-Michigan country girl turned Arizonan desert rat. After two years of public service of public service with the domestic PeaceCorp, I was introduced to the world of online business management and virtual assisting. I quickly learned that I enjoy helping others. I love being there to help in any way necessary.

Fun fact about me: when I’m not supporting entrepreneurs, I’m usually chasing cacti and scorpions out in my back yard in the Sonoran Desert.

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