If I could sum up 2016 in one phrase, it would be this: “in transition.”

A year ago, around Christmas time, I had a hard conversation with my parents. I told them that I would be moving to Chicago next year. Which meant, among other things, that I’d need to get a new job. Oh, and I realized my job at the time was an awful fit for me. So, I wanted to do something different with my law degree, but I wasn’t sure what yet.

Having that conversation with my mom and dad felt like someone had just pulled the trigger on a gun, and I was the bullet. (Okay, that was way too violent and depressing of a metaphor. Sorry!)

Suddenly, I felt myself spiraling into a direction that was completely new to me. Job hunting. Considering different careers. Meeting a buttload of new, fascinating people. Building a squad of mentors. Failing often, quickly, and upward. Starting a new law firm. Finding my tribe. Niching down my practice area. Embracing innovation. Trusting my gut. Moving into my parent’s house. Moving into my sister-in-law’s house. Turning coffee shops into law offices. Finding an office space in Chicago. Finding an apartment in Chicago. Finding a coat for Chicago winters.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m still in transition.

I’m still airborne. I haven’t hit my target yet. But things are starting to come into focus.

Next month, the lease for my new Chicago apartment officially starts. This year-long transition will finally be over.

But let’s be honest. A part of me will always feel in transition.

Being a creative is about embracing this feeling of transition.

It’s about trying new things. It’s about pivoting. It’s about being inspired and motivated to bring value into this world in new and exciting ways.

Yes, the mindset of a creative is a never-ending roller coaster. But that’s the point. You built this business to do something different. To be creative means to always be in transition.

That feeling of being in transition is always there, but it’s not always something you’re conscious of. Sometimes it’s a whisper, and sometimes it’s a scream. Around the holidays, it’s usually screaming. What went well this year and what didn’t? How are you going to get all these Christmas orders shipped? What are your projections for next year? How can you each your financial goals? What are you going to differently to make 2017 your year? What can you do to make your family finally understand what you’re trying to do with your business? (Hint: not much.)

Protect your transition mindset.

In order to be at your best as a creative business owner, you need to actively live in this “in transition” mindset. You need to focus on the reason why you started this business in the first place. You need to keep creating, producing, and innovating.

At Indie Law, we’re all about protecting your passion. And yeah, that means we’ll put shields around your business in a legal sense. But it’s more than that. We know how draining it can be to your creativity to worry about the business side of your business. Legal questions can slow you down. And trying to DIY your way through legal issues can bring your business operations to a downright halt.

We take the legal concerns off your plate so can focus on creating. Stay creative. Stay protected. Stay in transition mode.