Hi, I’m Joey Vitale, and I’m an attorney for creatives.

What does that mean? Well, one of the main things I do is form LLCs for small businesses around the country.

The other day, I spotted this message on Facebook:

I get this kind of question a lot.

Can you form an LLC by yourself? Technically, yes. But be careful.

The answer is yes.

Strictly speaking, LLCs are formed by filing the proper paperwork with your state. You don’t need to be a lawyer to do this.

But are you sure you know what to say in these state filings? Will your LLC be manager-managed or member-managed? What’s a “Series LLC”? Who should be your registered agent?

Forming an LLC means more than just state filings.

Yes, the state filing—often called your “Articles of Organization”—is required to make your LLC legit. But you’ll want to make sure you take other steps as well so that you can run your LLC properly.

What am I talking about?

In addition to the state filings, you’ll also need an Operating Agreement, an Employer Identification Number (EIN), and a comprehensive business name search to make sure the business name is available in your state, is not trademarked, and has matching domain names and social media handles.

If you want to protect your creative side and to take your business to the next level, you need to get out of the DIY mindset.

Look, I get it. I started multiple small businesses this year. There is so much that needs to get done. Buying supplies, marketing apps and tools, legal stuff—it all adds up.

At some point, you think, “Okay, I’ll just figure this out on my own rather than pay for it.” I’m guilty of this, too. I started this year thinking I would handle my own taxes and bookkeeping. I have no background in it, but I figured it would be better for my business if I saved money and just figured it out myself.

Huge mistake. I wasted so much time floundering, trying to learn what I could, seeking answers to my questions, and discovering answers to questions I didn’t even know that I should have.

In all that time I spent trying to figure this out myself, I was not making money. Literally, my time would have been better spent serving my clients.

And, eventually, I decided to hire an accountant. Which means all that time I spent was a waste!

The reality is—you can’t run a business all by yourself. If you don’t start delegating this work to experts, then you won’t have the time to really build your business. You’ll never truly make that transition from “self-employed” to “business owner.”

And so I reached out to the person who made that Facebook post.

I sent the woman a private message on Facebook, and I told her what I’m telling you now (in not so many words). I told her that, yes, you can do this yourself. But you want to make sure you do it right. That’s where the value of hiring an attorney comes in. You want to make sure you do more than just your state filing, like drafting that Operating Agreement.

This was her response.

And that’s the value in bringing on an attorney.

At Indie Law, we know exactly how to form your LLC so that you’ll have a strong and secure launch.

If you’d like assistance with forming your LLC, we can help you in two different ways.

  1. Flat-fee packages. For some of you, this isn’t your first time running a business. You feel like you’ve built up a pretty solid working knowledge of business law concepts. You want to form an LLC and that’s it. If that describes you, then we’ve got one-and-done packages for you. You can find out more about our flat-fee packages, including our transparent pricing, here.
  2. Subscription plans. For most creative entrepreneurs, this is your first time running a business. It’s all new to you. And you’ve had at least a few freak-out moments. You’re learning what you can, but you can’t take it all in. You need a roadmap. You need an on-call expert to answer your questions. You need a safe zone to ask “stupid questions” (there’s no such thing a stupid question when it comes to business). You need to form relationships with people who will support you. You need a solid foundation so you can get over that fear of not being taken seriously. That’s exactly why I created subscription plans with my law firm. This way, you’ll be able to form that relationship with an attorney who gets you and will steer you in the right direction. You’ll get that foundational level of protection—not just for your business but for your mindset—so that you can minimize your time worrying about legal stuff and maximize your time actually working on your business. And yes, we can form your LLC as a part of your subscription plan. Click here to view our subscription plans.