Hi, I’m Joey. Here’s my story.

When people meet me, they’re usually surprised to hear that I’m an attorney.

“You don’t act like other attorneys I know.”

And they’re right. I’m a pretty happy and “glass half full” kinda guy. And as the middle of seven kids, I’ve always been more of a peacemaker than a fighter.

The truth is, I decided to become a lawyer because I wanted to help people. I’m a strong writer, I enjoy being creative with ideas, and—honestly—I didn’t know what else to do.

As a law student, I crossed off all the professional goals on my checklist. I stayed in the top of my law school class, I won some awards, and after graduation I was hired at one of the most well-respected law firms in the area.

My short-lived career in the courtroom

For two years, I practiced law as a litigator, meaning I regularly wore suits and spent time in courtrooms. During that time, I was so busy trying to fit this idea of who I thought I should be that it took me a while to realize the truth.

And the truth was—being a litigator was a really bad fit for me.

To borrow words from Nicole Abboud, a former lawyer who now describes herself as a millennial cheerleader for attorneys, it was like I was wearing jeans that didn’t fit.

As hard as I tried, being a litigator just didn’t look good on me. It was uncomfortable, awkward, and stressful. Arguing with opposing counsel, dealing with angry clients, thinking I had to learn how to golf so I could “network”—none of this was natural for me.

I ultimately made the decision to change course. Instead of trying to fit into the courtroom culture and law firm lifestyle, I’d figure out how my natural talents and personality would help me fill a gap in legal services in a way that would really help people.

So I said goodbye to the courtroom.

And I haven’t looked back since.

Finding my people and my value

After some serious soul searching and extraordinary mentorship from other attorneys, I discovered the perfect fit for me as a lawyer.

Through Indie Law, I now help creatives protect their business and accelerate their success. I give peace of mind to businesses by taking legal concerns off their plates and clarifying what steps they need to take.

I’ve spent a lot of time with entrepreneurs and bootstrapping startups. When it comes to finding an attorney, I’ve learned that they’re looking for someone who understands that they don’t come from a background of law or business. They want someone who’s down to earth. They want someone who can communicate this legal stuff in a way they understand. They want someone who’s emotionally invested in their business. They want someone who treats them like family, who they’d want to grab a coffee or beer with. They want someone who genuinely digs their energy and innovation. They want someone who gives them peace of mind. They want someone who’s not a jerk.

Honestly, the things that made me a less-than-stellar courtroom attorney have given me an unfair advantage in serving these business owners:

  • I’m not intimidating. My clients appreciate how approachable I am, and they feel comfortable asking me the “stupid questions” that are more common than they realize.
  • I’m a creative business owner myself. In past lives, I’ve been a graphic designer, photographer, and startup cofounder. Now, I own an innovate small business. So, I get it. I understand the concerns that other creatives have. I’m personally familiar with the questions they’ve struggled to answer. And I give them the sense of direction and focus they need to stay on track and position their business for success.
  • I don’t hide the ball, especially when it comes to attorney fees. My law firm only works on flat-fee projects and subscription plans. And I’m up front about what those prices are so my clients are never hit with hidden fees.

Yeah, I’d say this is a much better fit.